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Google Weaving Stop-time (X) 2019

As part of Ung Svensk Form/Young Swedish Design 2019 I am presenting (X) as a part of Google Weaving Stop-time from 2018. The image is from the exhibition at ArkDes in Stockholm January-March 2019.

Two tapestries in wool on linen warp, both in my design, one is woven by my assistant Mortaza during the project for 4th Istanbul Design Biennial (2018) and one is woven by myself copying his weave.


Google Weaving Stop-time is an online weaving community, a space for sharing knowledge in rya weaving, and an exhibition of a collective work created for 4th Istanbul Design Biennial 2018 (curated by Jan Boelen) that has brought hand weavers from all over the world together via a social media call. We are all together 27 participating weavers.

The project has been initiated and shared on Facebook, and in the participants own weaving settings with the intention to meet together in an exhibition. In Google Weaving Stop-time, all tapestries made are based on the use of the same Google search phrase. The technique we share is the Scandinavian rya knot also known as the ghiordes knot and the Turkish knot - a knot that have been used for ages in traditional textiles in both regions.

The selection of the image is based on the individual weaver’s choice, but are at the same time also determined by different algorithms Google uses in different countries. In this sense the project exposes the power distortion of images spread via Google algorithms.

Photo: Rana Van Pellecom. Ung Svensk Form/Young Swedish Design, ArkDes, 2019. Van Pellecom (kopia).jpg