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At the shore of Amygdala (seeing what I want to see)


Project at Textile Arts Center, New York

In July 2014 I do a medical abortion in week 9.
I do it because I want to go to New York and it is important for me to do so. I am pregnant for four useless weeks as they are short of doctors at the abortion clinic. They are on holiday, maybe playing golf or sailing, and they judge me not as urgent. I drink wine alone and I suffer. I drown the baby, I'm the world's most horrible and meanest person. It is muggy and the sky is full of thunder and lightning.
I do not speak with my husband or anybody, I'm just angry and sad.


At the shore of Amygdala (Seeing what I want to see)
Handwoven tapestries, rya technique
Natural dyed (weld, lac, walnut, tea, black henna) wool on black linen warp

Natural dyed wood (turmeric, blackberry), natural dyed wool on black linen warp, natural dyed roving and yarn

Handmade wet-felted and needle-felted objects, natural dyed (birch-leaves, walnut, cochineal, turmeric), plastic flowers

Supported by the
Swedish Art Grant Committee

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