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Emelie Röndahl Artist Statement 2017

I weave rya tapestries, rugs, wall hangings; soft, hairy, tactile and fluffy dust collectors. Yarns and threads are tied in rows between rows of plain weave, the picture grows slowly from one side to another, as a printout from a printer.

I weave because I can, because it must be done. My knowledge creates presence and establish relationships; my motivation is recognition as a phenomenon, to capture the viewer´s attention and provoke a hidden longing for putting fingers into stuff you can´t see the end of.

In my Textile Labour Series I try to come closer to the violence of the global textile industry. In "Child picking cotton in Uzbekistan", labor is embedded in wool, the “sketch” is printed out from the first google search hit on a specific day, by entering the words “child picking cotton in uzbekistan” after coming across the fact that most cotton in the textile industry originates from Uzbekistan. Hours spent with this child by the loom left me with feelings of sadness; questioning ethical concerns on my decision of choosing this picture and theme. The seriality of the sad and droopy threads, and the one-to-one ratio in the warp, form a platform on which I can see into the near future. The DNA of my ryas traces back to the DNA of the fishermen´s ryas that covered their bodies out on the deep and dangerous oceans.
Weaving deals with the prevention of death.