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Return of the Weaver (a school drama)

Return of the Weaver is a collection of the knowledge I have gained so far. I’ve built, embroidered, painted, and modified—but most of all, I have woven.

I am the weaver and the title speaks of my return to weaving. My introduction to the craft was in hand weaving at a folkhögskola. I haven’t woven anything since then, until now.

The title is a nod both to the literary genre fantasy and the early video game LOOM. The young hero of the game, a weaver named Bobbin, lives on an island controlled by a weaver’s guild. Bobbin guards a loom, and the loom’s fabric holds the world together.
In front of the digital jacquard weave there is a couple of handmade stools in wood with handwoven cloth. I travel from the digital computerized world back to the hands-on craft world.
The work began with questions surrounding the education that I am now finishing. I am still trying to make sense of what I’ve learned, and so the most important question is, what have I learned, really?

Materials and techniques:
Wovens in different materials, double-weave.
Stools and other objects hand-made in wood.
Digital jacquard-weave (large tapestry).
Flattened spoons and forks.
Machine-embroidered textile flowers.