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Nov 1, 2016
Who is weaving?

Nov 9
Apocalypse Now

Nov 11
"In my case it was threads that caught me, really against my will. To work with threads seemed sissy to me. I wanted something to be conquered."
(Anni Albers, 1982)

Nov 30
"In April 1995, a human rights group in Honduras discovered thirty-three Bangladesh workers in a free-trade zone factory, transported there by the contractor. They worked eighty hours a week for twenty cents an hour and could not leave their dormitories without permission from the company. They were sewing shirts that retailed $12.94 at Wal-Mart.

Dec 15
Dr Drej made it! Mårten Medbo: The truth is out there

Jan 16, 2017
The Situated Weaver: Sjuhärad, Marks Kommun. Weaving and supporting the family

Feb 7
Maria Pineres, front and back

Feb 21
Making a stop-motion movie :)

March 2
Visiting Norrköping and the Museum of Work. Archive diving. Visiting mom.

March 6
Jag tänker ofta på min tid på Textile Arts Center i New York - den uppochnervända staden, den enorma rikedomen kontra de som satt i väntrummet på mödravårdscentralen i Brooklyn med crack-sår i munnarna och luktade sprit och ångest. Möjligheter och omöjligheter. I staden där "allt finns" fanns det inte särskilt mycket garn av bra kvalitet att köpa. Jag importerade från Sverige.

March 10
Serendipity and tacit and haptic = crafts dictionary

March 15
I understood something! zzzzz

March 31
Dino kräktes ner hela sängen mitt i natten. När jag hade bytt alla lakan och alla kläder och torkat golvet gjorde han det igen.

April 4
Jag och Birgitta talar i telefonen, samtalet berör viktigt skvaller, hemslöjd, Elisabeth Hjorth, mina studier, att jag ska till Oslo, vävtanter och skam. Bland annat.

April 26
Weaving truth, telling the truth. Proceeding with my film together with Kristoffer Sandberg. Sun is shining, universe is dark.

May 8

June 1
Weaving truth, acting truth. Sliding into something else.

June 6
Efter ett möte med JH lyckas jag skapa en struktur för att skriva. Har fått skriv-residens i augusti, villa Martinson, där måste jag skriva.

June 19
Why learn weaving in higher education?

July 3
Tall Ship Race in Halmstad, workshop in weaving, assisted by Anna Ehrlemark.

August 4
Inga Elisabeth Naess in "The Road to Tapestry" (Hannah Ryggen, "Weaving the World", Nasjonalmuseet)
"Hannah liked to observe her father´s hands as he worked. But perhaps it was because she was impatient by nature that she needed the slowness and inherent resistance of weaving: carding wool, spinning it into yarn, dying it and weaving one thread after the other through the long warp threads to form a picture. A form of work that made her feel like "an ant carrying one pine needle at a time, stubbornly intent on its goal" (p 64)."

August 15
Am I sloppy enough or am I just another vanilla weaver?

September 6
Love and knowledge: Emotion in feminist epistemology
But! Weaving is a time-consuming activity so I don´t readöp_reklam_pixel.jpgärmavbild 2017-02-14 kl_ 08_11_19.png front_maria_pineres.jpgärmavbild 2017-03-15 kl_ 18_26_15.pngärmavbild 2017-01-29 kl_ 22_45_25.pngärmavbild 2016-12-15 kl_ 20_28_21.pngärmavbild 2017-01-16 kl_ 10_39_39.png