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Emelie Pamela Röndahl’s home is in weaving - hands-on, conceptually and theoretically.
Her work usually concerns memory and nostalgia, labor, home and security.

She earned a MFA (2012) in Textile Art at University of Craft and Design, Gothenburg, Sweden with one exchange semester at Art Academy of Oslo, Norway. Before that she studied two years of traditional Swedish Weaving at Folkhögskola.

Her MFA graduation work Return of the Weaver part I (a school drama) was rewarded several grants from both the University as well as private funds.

Emelie Pamela Röndahl was recently a participant of From Back to Front, an online-exhibition for American Tapestry Alliance curated by Jessica Hemmings, 2015. The exhibition explores contemporary tapestries which exposes their construction – and deconstruction.

In 2013-2014, before coming to Textile Arts Center, she was a grant holder of the Swedish Arts Committee´s International Program, IASPIS, a six months Artist Residency in Stockholm, Sweden. The work created during that period was later bought by the Swedish Arts Council for their National Collection (2014).

In 2014 Emelie Pamela Röndahl also participated in Skver! art project - an art project at the Shipyard Skver, Mali Losijn, Croatia, where she constructed a large-scale tapestry in collaboration with comic artist and friend Anna Ehrlemark, and she participated in a group-exhibition with Textile Collective VMT at Art Museum of Varberg, Sweden. 2014.

Some earlier achievements among others is a two-months Artist Residency at Hotel Chevillion, Grex Sur Loing, France in 2012, and a field trip to Japan participating in a Kasuri-weaving workshop at Kawashima Textile School, Kyoto, 2012.

Emelie Pamela Röndahl lives and works outside of Gothenburg, Sweden.

Instagram: @emeliepamelarondahl