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Seeking experienced* hand weavers for an online weaving project called "Google Weaving Stop-time"

*enough to make a hand woven textile from beginning to end, and understanding of how a Ghiordes knot/Turkish knot/Rya knot is made. You will be invited to weave an interpretation of a downloaded image, so some experiences in traditional tapestry might be useful as well.

I invite you to take part, participate and share your time with me and a group of hand-weavers, our final outcome will be exhibited at the 4th Istanbul Design Biennial September 2018, in Istanbul, Turkey (for more info on the biennial see
All our tapestries will be exhibited together and your name will be recognized with it. After Istanbul, the exhibition will travel further to Belgium (spring 2019) before being returned to you.

Who am I?
My name is Emelie Röndahl, I am a weaving artist, living and working in Sweden. I started to weave in 2006 and have been doing so fulltime since graduating from art school in 2012, primarily in the pile-weaving technique called "rya".
I have been invited by the 4th Istanbul design Biennial to create my project "Google Weaving Stop-time".

More info on me and my work can be found on and @emeliepamelarondahl on Instagram

Please join in this experience! Without you the project can´t happen!

E-mail to if you want to know more or if you already know you wish to take part, tell a bit about yourself and your weaving experience, your background and why you wish you take part. I will respond back to you as quick as I can with further instructions. E-mail me before March 31st 2018.

Requirements: English language skills (basic), a digital camera or smart phone camera, internet access, a (Skype or Zoom) account, a Facebook account and time (approximately 20-30 hours within the time plan) to focus on the project sometime in between April 1st and June 30th 2018 (note that you will be asked to send a finished tapestry sometime in June - the deadline is not yet decided). You will be asked to upload pictures and comments on your process three (3) times minimum during your weaving process.

The practical weaving will take place in your own studio setting so you will also need access to a loom or weaving frame with a size between 60 - 100 cm wide and the possibility to make it 60 - 100 cm high. Your basic material costs will be covered by the project.

All contact during the project will be online through social media, e-mail and video-conference.


E-mail me that you are interested (before March 31st)
I will respond to you and provide you with the assignment
You write me back again if you still wish to take part
I e-mail you a contract, which you read, sign and send back to me
You enter our Facebook Group and you are part of the project!